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Hello boys!

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Student’s Name

Grade & Section

1. Abdullah Hussien Gholuom Abas

Six 1

2. Abdulmajeed Abdullah Mohammad

Six 1

3. Sultan Majid Sultan Mohammad

Six 1

1. Amar Ismail Saiyed Ali

Six 2

2. Juma Mohammad Juma Bilal

Six 2

3. Yousef Ahmad Hasan Ahmad

Six 2

1. Mohammad Bahaeddin Mohammad

Six 3

2. Rashid Sultan Rashid

Six 3

3. Saif Jasim Khalifeh

Six 3

Write a paragraph about your favorite animal. You can use the vocabulary you have just learned in the classroom or any vocabulary you know before. you can also add any drawings of yourself or pictures links you found on the web.


My favorite season is summer. First, in summer it’s always hot and I don’t have to worry about being sick. Second, it’s the season when we can go to the beach and enjoy swimming and playing beach ball. Third, it’s vacation. This means I don’t have to wake up early and go to school. I love summer. It’s the time of fun.


Hello. My name is Ma’moun. I am the instructor of English Language at Mohammad Al-Fateh Middle School. I work with great stuff and great students too.  I look forward to working with each of my colleagues and my students to create this classroom blogs as part of  new teaching techniques depending on technology!


Hello boys! Welcome to your English Class’ Blog

Here you can add your blogs or comment on others blogs. You can also download your lessons, worksheets and listen to your class podcasts. Enjoy yorselves and start blogging and surfing your site!